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> > > Un-Label: European cultural project launches in Cologne new inclusive ways for the performing arts

The European cultural project Un-Label launches in Cologne. From May 2015 through April 2017 seminars, both artistic and inclusive workshops and a multidisciplinary dance-theatre production is going to be developed with and for a diverse range of disabled people.

photo of female singer in front of a mike with musicians in an Un-Label workshop

Photo supplied by Un-Label © C. Meyer

The production will be presented to a wider public and will have guest performances both in Germany and abroad. It will contain elements of dance, music, theatre, spoken word and media art. Partner organisations from England, Greece, Turkey and Germany contribute to Un-Label.

About 100 young artists from all over Europe deal with new inclusive and imaginative ways to be used by the performing arts. The group of participants consists of people with sensory, mental, or physical disabilities and people without a disability.

Un-Label means "not to label anybody" and is aimed at people who in our society are often labelled in a negative way. Our cultural project is designed to create a counterbalance to this stigmatisation. The manifold and creative potential the participants contribute to the project is hence to be rendered visible and to be made use of.

In doing so, Un-Label will at the same time set an example and enter new territory. It will show how people can both get and work together in artistic projects. This project combines different holistic concepts of inclusion and translates these into joint, creative and acting activities. This innovative project offers artists with and without disability the chance to develop their skills and to learn from each other.

Furthermore, the project offers to participate in additional symposiums and both surtitles and audio descriptions in the language of the country in which the performance is held of performance will enable blind and partially-sighted people as well as deaf and hard of hearing people to attend the shows. Cologne University of Applied Sciences supports the project by evaluating it.

At the end of the project phase, the project elements will be published in brochure compiling examples for inclusive projects from all over Europe.

Un-Label is run by the Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Sommertheaters Pusteblume e.V. (Association of Sommertheater Pusteblume). For many years, the Cologne-based society has been successfully working in the field of cultural programs for people with and without disability. In doing so, the focus is always on an inclusive and integrative approach.

The project is funded by EU "Creative Europe" program and by the Aktion Mensch (German Association for the Care of the Disabled)

Project partners are: Candoco Dance Company (England), Synergy of Music Theatre (Greece), Associaiton for The Development of Social and Cultural Life (SKYGD) (Turkey), Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

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