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photograph of the shape of England, Wales and Scotland made out of disability aids such as crutches and wheelchairs

Great Britain from a Wheelchair by Tony Heaton

Joe Bidder, (Chair) and Hayley Davies, (Secretary), Sian Williams (Treasurer) of the NDACA management committee, need your support for the 'Last Avant Garde Project!'

Many of you will have followed the development of the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive (NDACA). We (but also you, the artists, audiences, makers, writers, critics and participants) are now at a very exciting part of the journey in seeking to preserve past work, build on that and reach into the future, in terms of making years and years of artistic activity accessible for now and in the years to come.

The newly registered NDACA Community Interest Company (CIC) is establishing a dispersed archive with a number of key strategic partners, including disability arts organisations, museums and educational institutions. They are geographically spread to give as much physical access as possible to this unique collection. This will be combined with plans for a significant online digital presence to take NDACA worldwide.

We are on the brink of putting together a substantial application called 'The Last Avant Garde Project' to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). If successful, this will finance the first five years of development and operation.

For this bid, we need to demonstrate demand for maintaining and extending this archive and this is where we need your support.

It is vital that you respond to this request so that we can record this interest and help prove the need for this project.

Please help us by spending a few minutes to write a message of support. You could think about why you are interested in NDACA (as an artist, audience member, student, researcher, historian, curator, programmer, etc.) and perhaps consider how you will use the archive and its unique contents.

You might want to use materials for exhibition, use the archive for study, or you simply might want to show your friends and family evidence of the achievements of disabled artists. There will also be opportunity in the future to become a Friend of the archive which will bring you even closer to the work of NDACA.

We think this is a unique heritage opportunity – there is no other archive in the world dedicated to the work of disabled artists. If this important, growing archive and collection is not to be lost, it is essential that you show your support to enable us to carry on developing these plans.

Please write your message of support in the comments box below to say why you think this archive is needed and needs to be preserved.  Alternatively you can email NDACA CIC directly to:

If you want to tell other people online about the need for support for this project, you can email your friends, tell them on Facebook,  inform people via Twitter, etc.  by posting this link in your message: 

Thank you, in advance, for getting behind this unique project and helping to preserve a valuable and major aspect of disabled people's heritage. Be assured, we are working very hard to ensure that this archive is preserved and expanded.

To comment below to show your support, it's easy. Just fill in the fields below. No data is stored for mailing or other purposes. There's a code number to put in but that's just so we know you are real!