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Signdance Collective present New Gold Phase 2 / 18 October 2010

Long days into the night! We haven't stopped at all this year. Signdance Collective has been creating our new street signdance show, 'New Gold'!

Supported by: Create Compete Colaborate , ACCENTUATE Creative Campus , Bucks New University , Arts Council England.
We have also been performing both Dances For A lost Traveller and New Gold at lots of very cool venues!

These are just a few! The National Theatre of Slovenia in Nova Gorica , Lent Festival Maribor, Ana Desetnica Ljbljana ,The Siti Theatre Slovenia , RFH, Haupplaz Graz, Southill Park (Bracknell with SYNC South East) the new Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury.

We are presently touring New Gold for Driving Inspiration (Creative Bucks) The Pilot of ' New Gold' premiered at Bucks New University in June 2009.

New Gold is in collaboration with visual artist Christine Wilkinson and is being directed by Goro Osojnik. Live music is by Mark Holub with Frognal,

Further funding was received from Arts Council England for research development into New Gold... and now we will go into the final production stage.

Whats next for New Gold? 'New Gold' Stage 3 ! Further UK shows, A Greek, Brazil and USA Tour March / April 2011 and 2012! Please visit the Signdance Collective website for more info on New Gold and see how you could get involved in our 'New Gold Days!'

SDC: "Signs Of Brilliance" Time Out

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