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SDC 2012 World Tour. Join us ! / 28 January 2012

Signdance Collective/ International Signdance Theatre 2012 Tour

Taking a leaf out of an age old tradition and trekking the road less travelled, we can confirm that we are continuing our international tours and collaborating with the wild and free artists of the world.
We have been collaborating and touring this way long before it became the buzz words here and were incredibly a flagship organisation for a while, before the more sensitive artizens among us began to choke on their breakfast, whilst worryingly ordering a second course of a king size a la Simon Cowell et al.

After ten years of trying to decipher the interminable quagmire of laissez-faire news speak and an increasing rise of corporate culture thats has so sadly, sadly creeped into the studio space via administrators and arts consultants bringing with them a language that is both alien and (dare I say it) Deaf to art and culture.

We have finally opted to lay aside this deflective conundrum for now to focus on what its really all about, art itself. We are embarking on a new chapter in the company's book. A return to our original journey and hey! its business as usual!

In the UK people often ask how do we get so much international work?. We still maintain a tradition that advocates an artistic practice wherein the actual control lies with the artists with both feet planted firmly in the artistic field. Our endeavours are led by artist co-ordinators whilst ensuring that Deaf and Disabled people lead at the helm. This was the common practice and still is further afield.

The company is very cosmopolitan and if it were a person, we would be a polygot. Within the company a wide variety of languages are in parlance either as working knowledge or fluently, we can list, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, German and the supposedly mythogical language of international sign, which I can assure exists beyond Lilliput and is widely spoken.

The feedback that we get from both the press and the audience suggest to us nothing but positive things. This gives us an incredible amount of confidence and puts paid to any doubts that lie under the 'polite' conversational veneer of the aspiring chattering artizens who would rather watch the X-factor and still continue to confuse Boney M with a Beethoven movement or a 'Bang on a Can' piece.

Ready, Steady, Go!... Joking aside, we would like to warmly welcome all our colleagues and associates to share with us what has been described as a display of "Signs of Brilliance" (Robert Shore, Time Out, London 2010)

The following are the tour dates and details for 2012;
March 2012 - Ankara, Turkey.
Rehearsals for a new international collaborative performance with our international partners and Etos festival directors. Our in-house band, the British Rock/Folk/Punk set 'Dead Days Beyond Help' will be joining us. With groundbreaking musicians/poets Alex Ward and Jem Doulton both of whom are well versed in classical and modern genres. All work is completely original with no cover versions, be among the first to experience it.

Throughout 2012 we have seventy dates for 'New Gold', a poke in the eye of convention, it is a much needed irreverent look at the olympian values and what they really mean. Is winning all that cracked up to be and can sometimes failing bring important insights too?.

'New Gold ' is engaging, Rimboudian, controversial and completely hilarious. It has been performed to ten thousand people world-wide and counting.

'New Gold' was funded by Accentuate, Arts Council of England and the Creative Campus Initiative.

Other international dates include Beirut, The National Theatre and other venues in Graz, the 2012 European City of Culture. We will be performing at some of the best street theatre festivals in the world throughout Central Europe. See our site for updates.
Coming up is a performance for two thousand Deaf and Hearing children at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the actual birthplace of the paralympics near Aylesbury and within easy reach of London.
A London run in April of "New Gold" at the The Warehouse Theatre in Croydon. We will begin work whilst here in advance of heading abroad for the new Turkish collaboration.
We are pleased to announce that Dexter Hamlett, a disabled actor from the USA will be joining as a performer. Dexter is known for his many films and theatre roles, he is regarded as one of the finest African American actors of his generation. A long time collaborator with Forrest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland, Ghost Dog).
Award winning up and coming British actress Rebecca Hurst will be joining us . Her work includes roles in the critically acclaimed short films, 'La Femme Marie' and 'Little Voices'.
Our regular line up also includes award winning performers, with us are Isolte Avila, David K. Bower, Jacob Casselden, Francesca Osimani, Pedro De Senna and Laura Goulden.

The season is a collaboration with our emerging sister company in the U.K, Handprint Theatre Company
You will be able book tickets to these shows in London at

Keep an eye out for updates on our seasons with The National Youth Theatre of Turkey, Karaborun, KulturWerkstatt, Austria; Driving Inspiration, UK; Urban Warrior, USA; Ana Desetnica, Slovenia.

Last year saw preparation for 'A very large sporting event'  this will be realised during the opening. Our work continue's with the Cultural Olympiad in conjunction with Accentuate, Driving Inspiration and Locog.
We will be hosting the inimitable Zoe Partington Sollinger, and her project "First Impressions", at our home, Buckinghamshire New University.
This was funded by Accentuate.         

There will be performances during the Paralympics. Developmental initiatives at SHAPE, London, and lastly, but certainly not the least, a new production development with a major UK international broacasting company. See you on the road less travelled...
David K. Bower (Art. Dir.,)

Signdance Collective would like to thank the continuing support of Buckinghamshire New University, the home of SDC.
Urban Warrior Centre USA.
Ana Desetnica Festival Slovenia.
Goro Osojnik, festival director at "Ana Desetnica".
Wycombe Centre for the Arts.
Ethos International Festival.

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