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SYMO '5 Weeks, 5 Films!

Shoot Your Mouth Off's (SYMO) spanking new website went live in 2011, hosting a huge range of films featuring the enormous talent of disabled people in the North East of England

And to celebrate, SYMO treated viewers to a feast of films for the five weeks following the launch!

First up and launching the site was The Sliminator, a comedy about the serious subject of obesity, featuring amazing performances from SYMO's actors and our own Derek Mathews as not just one, but two robots from the future. There was also Alex Sheader, playing a well-meaning but BOOOORRRING health trainer.

Next up was Quarter of the Lot, starring Hartlepool actor Phil Swinburn as a deluded karate instructor struggling with his demons (anger, drink, the CSA). Filmed as a mock-u-mentary in 2005, this was its first internet airing.

As to the remaining films... readers were invited to keep checking back to the SYMO site every Thursday to discover the latest, greatest and occasionally the daftest in the world of disability film!

Happy viewing - keep the comments coming!