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I am currently in my 3rd and final year on a fine art degree and my project I am starting on is exploring the masks we wear in everyday life. I have BPD and wish to use the blog to record my thought processes and progress in making my final film piece.

Ta Da!!!!!! film completed!

22 May 2013


Have finally finished editing!  Any feedback welcome. This film evolved from my research for my dissertation and inspired me to take the realms of my reality to the forefront.  Using film I wanted to invoke emotion and empathy in the audience.  To show what I experience on a nightly basis and the struggles emotionally I have.  I wanted to challenge the viewer’s perception of someone who suffers with mental illness and the role they are perceived to have in society....

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Nearly the end?!!!

21 May 2013


Watercolour of a figure pulling a train-load of people by a rope, along a yellow, brick road.

I am 2 weeks away from my end of year degree assessment and film is nearly done!  Had a busy few weeks and now the end seems really too close!  Waiting for the exhibition to start installing and then I can get painting my space.  I will post pics of final installation and film as soon as soon as I can tidy it up and upload. Its been a strange few weeks and emotionally been through alot.  Been deciding whether to stay on and do my MA and feeling lost and confused as to what...

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