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I am currently in my 3rd and final year on a fine art degree and my project I am starting on is exploring the masks we wear in everyday life. I have BPD and wish to use the blog to record my thought processes and progress in making my final film piece.

busy, busy, busy! lol!

21 March 2013


A frame from the animation. image copyright

Had a busy few days!  Been trying to work out how to do stop-motion animation.  Been researching and watching loads of youtube videos to gain the knowledge!  Its strange how when trying to make a drawing 'walk' it is such a mystery to me, such an instinctive thing that I do everyday without thinking about.  Finally sorted it and took my shots of it to add into my final degree show film.   Also as an artist I am a bit impulsive which has meant I have had to...

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Update on what I'm up to!

14 March 2013


Been a while since I posted and just wanted to give a quick run-down of where I am with regards to my projects.  I was so caught up writing my thesis and getting that right that I decided to focus all my energy on that. Thus meaning my project was neglected (poor thing) but now thesis is no more I have energy and focus solely for that! Since I started in September embarking on my final year I have had feelings of empowerment of my Mental condition. Im getting a bit annoying (to myself) as...

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