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Day two out and about with Mop! / 8 November 2012

Day two joining the community arts stand and it was a beautiful day!  Lovely and sunny and quite warm which was good as it meant people were less in a hurry to get to shops to defrost!  We had a good mix of people and the highlight for me was a young man who came in with his support workers and really got into the drawing project. He had PTSD and aspergers and said he really enjoyed it as did we. It was great to see the enthusiasm for our project.

I decided today that I would try and get some sound recordings of peoples comments and had 2 people happy to be recorded and the others wrote down a comment for me. I am thinking about how to use these comments I have and I thought about maybe trying to make the comments into threads to make my own 'mophead' of the comments??  

I am going to possibly use the sound clips in my film piece but just going to experiement a bit to see how they fit into my film. I had a really good day and after 3 weeks of really being rock bottom with emotions (crying all the time, just generally wanting a break from life) I feel im back!  

I even made a start on my thesis! I am writing on the links between creativity and mental illness, looking at Van Gogh at the moment. Although seemly an obvious choice for the iconic 'tortured artist' due to his ear loping incident, Vincent Van Gogh shows the compulsion troubled minds can feel to produce work.  Only on page 3 of .....many about 6000 words but its a start.

Got a group crit on Monday in uni so it will be great to hear feedback on what I have been doing and others.

I am hoping to get my scanner up and running soon to upload pictures of my dream paintings I have been doing when I have a bad or unusual dream.  watch this space! :)