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I’m an artist-activist working in performance, film, sound and text, and founder of Roaring Girl Productions ( Drawn to the power of creative work to trigger change, projects range from confrontational and provocative to much gentler inquiry. My blogging will be on current projects and the questions they raise in the doing.

Some thoughts on Art as Activism

3 March 2013


digitised image of the artist holding her hands flat in front of the camera

Sometime soon I’m going to embark on a project as light as air, if only for myself, for the sake of my own grey hairs and deepening frown. It will be a project to make me laugh (and maybe other people too), something not even the tiniest bit hardcore. “No more Nazis," I tell myself. It’s just there are still so many Nazis and art is a great way to greet them head on. There are activists who think that art is a diversion from the single-mindedness of a campaign. But...

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