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> > > News: Liz Crow reached The Guardian's 'Top 10 from Trafalgar' list
photo of woman in wheelchair dressed in nazi uniform Kevin Clifford

Photo of Liz Crow by Kevin Clifford.

Image: Kevin Clifford

Disabled artist and activist Liz Crow reached The Guardian's 'Top 10 from Trafalgar' list, selected from the 2400 people who have each spent one hour alone on the empty plinth.

Liz's plinth hour took place in a crowded Saturday night Square in August 2009.  Sat in her wheelchair wearing full Nazi regalia to draw attention to a hidden history and the message it holds for us all today, The Guardian declares it "deserves full marks for nerve".
Liz was lifted into place covered in a white shroud. After ten minutes, she pulled off the sheet to reveal the Nazi uniform, and sat motionless, overlooking the Square. Ten minutes later she lifted a flag, bearing the words 'First they came for the sick, the so-called incurables and I did not speak out - because I was not ill', taken from an early version of the anti-Nazi theologian Martin Niemoeller's much-quoted statement.

She then pulled off the Nazi regalia, throwing away the swastika armband, and took up the flag again. On a summer's evening, with the flag fluttering in the breeze, the image was reminiscent of Delacroix's 'Liberty Leading the People'.

Writer Allan Sutherland reviewing the work on dao said "Many of the plinthers used their hour to espouse favourite causes, be it children's charities, bee preservation or understanding of chess. But few if any produced a piece of work as compelling as this, which will undoubtedly remain one of the most significant contributions to Gormley's project. Apart from the importance of the content, it presented a series of memorable images, carefully choreographed to take advantage of space and time."

Click here to watch Liz's hour on the Plinth