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Happy New Year from ILF (Independent Living Friend) / 2 January 2013

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Independent Living Friend by Katherine Araniello

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To kick off the New Year SickBitchCrips received a wonderful generically personalised Happy New Year message from their close friends the ILF (Independent Living Friend), as seen in the image.

SickBitchCrips are excited about the future and are rapidly making plans to find ingenious ways of maintaining their independent living budget to continually pay for their 24-hour servant needs.

As with all of us, they are severely concerned that their funding will shrink – and under such tragic circumstances SickBitchCrips may be forced to pay below the minimum wage.  SickBitchCrips advocate doing everything illegally and are inspired by Stephen Fry's antics over the Christmas period in which he and his comrades staged a heist from the National gallery of Scotland. For inspirational ideas click on the following link:

The positive side to all of this is that SickBitchCrips are acutely aware that once their cash is handed over to the local authority, disabled people can feel proud that they will be supporting their local authority employees.   

There will be an admin team created to manage the funding, a few new employees to link this team with another team (multidisciplinary approach!), a few managers, coordinators and obviously an assistant director.... And all the money will be gone for salaries for this efficient team!

SickBitchCrips intend to organise trafficking  for their 24 hour servant needs and will be operating on the black market.  So if your funding is slashed and you need assistance, SickBitchCrips will find you your perfect slave!

All commission to SickBitchCrips Ltd.