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SickBitchCrips present their Facebook page and new years message. / 28 December 2012

SickBitchCrips Hard Times Ahead

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SickBitchCrips are ecstatic at the launch of their long awaited Facebook page

SickBitchCrips Facebook page archives all their digital images and videos, so now there is no excuse not to have seen their erudite work.

For the ultimate Christmas gift, treat yourself to a viewing of the SickBitchCrip Facebook page, full of fantastic videos and digital images.

Strongly recommended for those who are sick of the cliched world of disability and want to elevate to a new and refreshing level.

SickBitchCrips have had an uneventful self-indulgent Christmas during which they have gorged non-stop for 48 hours. They are confident that they have gobbled enough to prepare themselves for severe funding cuts which will impinge on their appetites in 2013 and will have an impact on what champagne they greedily guzzle.

They received hundreds of presents which included a bird perched on a twig and a wicker work stool, all of these gifts have been carefully redirected to a charity to help the diseased and afflicted.

SickBitchCrips new years message is 'Express Yourselves'

The cute bitches in the Christmas image represent a time of austerity and are a constant reminder that however pitiful your circumstances may be – in 2013 you will be even worse off. They strongly advise you to be prepared for the onslaught of hideous assessments and make sure that you downsize your fridge, television, cochlear implant, bed, wheelchair,  bath, sink, art works, colostomy bag and other non-essentials to Cripple up to a level that you didn't believe possible.

Remain static and be vigilant, invest in tracheotomies, peg feeding, life-support machines and surgical blunders.  Daily invasive procedures may sound a little daunting at first but for hard times ahead SickBitchCrips insist on these measures that will set you in good stead and precipitate the decrease in your funding.