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In early 2013 I received a grant to buy an Ipad. Since then my Ipad goes everywhere with me from bed to sofa to hospital waiting rooms as I document my adventures, real and imaginary, at these exciting locations.

Going all the way to Galway Bay

3 March 2016


black and white photo of Jess Thom on stage with the slogan 'the damage of diminished expectations' behind her

In January I attended the Creative Connections Arts and Disability Conference in Galway. The event, organised by Art and Disability Ireland, involved presentations panel discussions, performances and top class international speakers. Travelling to the venue and surviving a two day conference with my chronic pain/ fatigue/ anxiety combo was a big concern but when I heard that Jess Thom was going to be one of the speakers that sealed the deal…I was going. I had seen the live performance of...

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