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By Jo Verrent

insync logo

inSync logo

Diversity should be about opening up and expanding our thinking, with everyone benefiting from different perspectives and alternative points of view. That’s why this week Sync - a leadership development programme funded by Arts Council England – is expanding its membership to everyone interested in leadership and diversity through a strand called InSync.

So why open up the programme now? Jo Verrent, co-founder of Sync explains: “We’ve had a phenomenal response to Sync over the years, and have content from people as diverse as Michael Lynch (former CEO of Southbank through to Baroness Lockwood, first chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission. We have articles, videos and case studies of artists like Bobby Baker, Liz Carr, Tanya Raabe, and Simon McKeown and leaders like Jenny Sealey (Graeae), Maria Oshodi (Extant) and Tony Heaton (Shape). It suddenly occurred to us that by only promoting this content to other disabled people, we were hiding great stories, examples and illustrations of diversity in action – content that could be used to inform and inspire everyone”.

Sync has been running since 2008, focusing on the interplay between leadership and disability and now anyone can join to gain a monthly bulletin linking to new materials and current initiatives simply by signing up on the Sync site at

The Sync site as over 200 articles, case studies and think pieces featuring inspiring role models, aspects of leadership learning and fresh creative thinking. As this could be overwhelming, the team at Sync has set up a 21-day introduction to Sync - a series of 21 mini-emails each exploring an aspect of Sync and linking to handpicked key resources on the site.

“It’s simple and quick,” explains Sarah Pickthall, co-founder of Sync. “In around one minute a day, for 21 days, people can find out more about Sync and be sign posted to some of our key resources. We hope that people will both find useful information on the site and also return the favour – letting us know about compelling examples of practice that we can feature, creating a virtuous learning circle.”

To sign up for the 21-day introduction to Sync, people complete a three-line form at Subscribe to our Sync introduction course.

Sync is aiming to double their membership within the early part of 2012 enabling a greater degree of cross-fertilization and pollination within the sector – leadership development needs to develop too, right?