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Colin Hambrook introduces the new look DAO and invites you to attend a symposium on disability art and activism at Salisbury Arts Centre / 1 March 2013

a pair of hand drawn wings, extended to the sky, white on dark blue.

Wings in a dark blue world © Gini

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We've been working hard during the last six months on the new design of DAO, which we launched earlier this week. Big thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback in the last few days.

Responding to our last readers survey in March 2012 we decided to move away from the handmade feel and produce a bolder design which highlighted art form to make it easier to find features on specific topics within the navigation.

We're working hard on identifying bugs in the older pages and tweaking anomalies that have appeared as a result of the changeover. Please continue to highlight anything you think looks amiss and let us know what you think of the new look by emailing me via

DAO is currently working in partnership with LinkUpArts and Salisbury Arts Centre on an exhibition called People Like You. We are very excited about the symposium 'From the Personal to the Universal' which focuses on the role of disability arts and activism. This takes place on 10 April, towards the end of the exhibition. There are limited places so if you plan to attend make sure you book well in advance. The same goes for Liz Crow's Bedside Conversations which were a highlight at SPILL Festival, Ipswich last year.

For those writers amongst you there is an opportunity to come on a brilliant half day course with Marian Cleary in Writing Interviews on 9th April. This will be a great opportunity to brush up on technique and attend the symposium the following day for free!

Further details are here:

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11 March 2013

I have been looking at your site and you really are coming up everywhere now, it is fantastic the work you are doing, nationally and I see internationally.

Anne Teahan

7 March 2013

Colin I really like the new design. There's a real clarity about it. Less 'busy' than before. The plain white and pale grey make the images stand out well, like the beautiful 'Wings' one on this page.

And I like seeing art forms listed separately.

A huge and formidable task accomplished!

Richard Downes

6 March 2013

Spent some time playing around with it today and found things on there that I didn't know existed.

Love the broad bands that you click on anywhere to take you somewhere else. Interestingly I followed a job link to the National Maritime Museum for a job and they use broad bands too but they're not as classy. I'm not sure why different art types appear under listings though. And I wondered if the headlines would be better served with drop down boxes though some people might fin them harder to navigate. The other listings were better too, jobs, events, opportunities. As a blogger I want to read them to see if there's anything I want to cover.

I also noted that if you scroll down on the home page that you get different colours for different kinds of entries. That's very subtle that.

I looked at commenting on other peoples work and it was easy and looked better.

I looked at major pieces of work like the one's by Allan Sutherland and Gini. They certainly look better but they seem to lose the comments that used to go with them.

And finally I tried to log in so I could have a go at writing a blog under the new system but couldn't find where to do this.

Colin Hambrook

6 March 2013

Thanks for your comment Burp! There is a mobile and tablet friendly version of the site that responds when you access DAO.

We are working flat out on the functionality of the new design as we go. I will flag up the problem with the cookies message to our web developers.

Burp Marchant

4 March 2013

You should do a mobile friendly version. Also not have that cookies message pop up EVERY time I visit. The design is a bit dated but not good enough to be retro. It's almost functional.