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Dolly Sen does broken-hearted poetry / 1 May 2010

I had my heart broken earlier this week, am slowly climbing out of the hole. Part of the ladder out of the dark is writing my way out. So here is some of it...

Songs to my shadow

The sun is too much
The sun is too much 

Songs to my shadow
Light makes you darker
Light makes you stand tall

There is more life in you
Than there is in me
I taught you how to breathe
So much so
There is nothing left in me

The breath and dream do not like to meet
The breath and dream are torn at the seams

Where there was air

Now there is just bleeding
And it is beautiful
It feels beautiful

Blood is tiptoeing around my breath
Blood is tiptoeing around my breath

As I watch my screams dance
I watch my screams dance

The beating heart
I do not like its song
So I give it to my shadow
To whom it belongs

So this is a song to my shadow
I am the one behind you

You will be here when I am gone
That’s all they will find of me

Shadow, sing my song
Shadow, sing my song

hopefully the shadows will pass and I will only see the sun again xxx

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