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Allo people, these last few weeks have been busy in the House of the Insen. I was interviewed for a Sunday Times article about pushing madness into the limelight. You can read it online at

The reason the article was written is because the 3rd Bonkersfest is on this Saturday 19th July on Camberwell Green. BonkersFest! is a free annual one day summer arts and music festival, illuminating and celebrating madness, creativity, individuality and eccentricity; combating stigma and promoting good mental health.

Armed with nothing more than a stepladder and a light bulb, I will attempt – at set periods during the day – to screw the lightbulb into the sky. I am doing this because the world needs more light. To quote Groucho Marx - 'Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light'.

If you are attending, come say hello to me. I will be very easy to recognise: I will be holding a lightbulb. The Bonkerfest website is

I will also be interviewed by Ruby Wax this week for the Headroom Campaign on the BBC website. More info when I have actually done the interview and know when it is online.

I know I am a professional mad person, but is being a workaholic in this area good or bad!