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The Revolution will not be medicated / 11 January 2016

The Revolution will not be Medicated

The Revolution will not be Medicated

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The Revolution will not be medicated 
No forced stillness and wiped dreams 
No being held down
For being different

No sedation for the screams
We are screaming for a reason
Our hurt will change the world
Because the world won't change our hurt

The side effect of  life
Is the need for it to be ours
The revolution will not be medicated
You cannot anesthetise hell
You cannot desensitise the broken heart

Madness is seen as revolting

Thank fuck




Dolly Sen

13 January 2016

Not me, we are in a world where the violence to the self seeks to be medicated away.

Colin Hambrook

13 January 2016

Guns and drugs are what keep the world turning, sadly. Who said it has to be like this?