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Some questions for my readers / 28 September 2015

Hello readers, hope you are all doing ok.

Next year I am going to be moving out of London to somewhere quieter. I have decided not to work in the mental health system any more, and am toying with the idea of making my art a private pursuit rather than a public one. I haven't had much luck with getting grants for my art, it is all self-funded and shared openly, but I do need pay the bills, etc.

So I want to know what do you get out of my art or blog to see if it is a thing I should keep continuing with? But I am also curious as to what people get, if anything, from my work.

Thanks :) 


Colin Hambrook

4 October 2015

Your work is greatly valued, loved and respected by Dao, Dolly. You make us laugh, think, cry... and then laugh again. Your work is very powerful and important at this time of darker struggles x

Dolly Sen

4 October 2015

thanks everyone, that's been really helpful. I guess I am just having a crisis of confidence x

Kristina Veasey

3 October 2015

Hi Dolly, I do in and out of all the blogs on DAO. It's usually if I see it highlighted on a fb post that I read it. But, I'm always glad when I do. Reading the thought processes and work of other disabled artists helps me feel confidence about developing my own work. It reduces the sense of isolation I get from working alone. It also triggers and inspires other thoughts for me, either around the creative process itself or around the subject matter.

I find the jump from self - funding to anything else daunting; the mechanics of the system are something I don't quite understand. I often find platforms for artists to share and discuss work intimidating but feel a safe friendly space to do just that would help and perhaps provide opportunity for joint funding and exhibiting.

I have really enjoyed a lot of your work. In particular I enjoyed the website with psychosis, perhaps partly because my partner has paranoid psychosis and it helped me relate to it.

You need to do what's best for you but if it helps to know your blog is enjoyed, you can be reassured on that front ☺

Fiona Art

2 October 2015

I love your work, please keep sharing (as long as it's not having a negative affect on you) all your creativity and mental health thoughts. They inspire me and give me something to aim for when my thoughts are dark.however whatever you do I wish you well. x


2 October 2015

Hi Dolly, I love your blog! Please don't give it up. I don't always get to read it because I'm usually having to get stuck into admin. But, every one I do read is either witty or insightful and gives a fresh perspective on things. I absolutely loved the Madvent calendar last year. Brilliant. If you want to talk funding at some point I'd be happy to meet up. Thanks so much for your commitment and contributions to Disability Arts Online it's really appreciated x