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Come get your I scream / 12 August 2015

I met up with the very fabulous Liz Carr at a creative social, and I asked her how her project ‘Assisted Suicide – the Musical’ was progressing. We had a little chat about the work involved for her. I, for one, can’t wait to see it.

I offered to sell some unique ice cream in the interval, available in Rocky Road, Chocolate Crip, or Vanilla Death. If it is the only refreshment there is and you can't leave the building without buying it, does it make you a bit uneasy? Does it make you lose your appetite?

Until the day comes when disabled people aren’t seen as a burden that society itself created oh so lovingly and made to feel like life isn’t worth living because of it; or if having true equality is not a right but assisted suicide is, then the matter cannot be ethically discussed. If it is going to be formally discussed without understanding that, I will attend with some very flavoursome refreshments. 


Dolly Sen

28 August 2015

sorry, mate, a very popular flavour. Try our nut one instead!

Colin Hambrook

26 August 2015

Ho ho!

Dave Lupton

24 August 2015

What - no raspberry cripple?!

johnny poofter

12 August 2015

sound sensible to me