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Me and Comedy / 27 July 2015

Ladybird Book of the Menopause Cover

Ladybird Book of the Menopause Cover

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I have recently given up my occupational therapy course. I wasn’t the right mind shape for the role. So I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. I asked the question to some facebook friends: what other career options I should consider? Stand-up comedian came up more than once.

I would love to be one, but I am also a paranoid who will be wondering why people are laughing at me – you can see the dilemma I have.

Not only that, anyone who read my first memoir ‘The World is Full of Laughter’ will remember that my abusive, controlling, narcissistic dad wanted to be a comedian. The best he could do was appear on the Michael Barrymore Show and get laughed off for being so bad. It broke his heart but mine too.

My dad would physically or emotionally abuse me if I didn’t laugh at his jokes. Ironically, it is my humour that has saved my soul many a time when dealing with my past. Being human is a ridiculous and absurd career.

Can you see the difficulty in pursuing that career path? I would need a very understanding mentor to support me. In the meantime, let me make you laugh in separate rooms. 


Julie McNamara

6 October 2015

You're an artist, a filmmaker, a wordsmith and a unique creative soul. Get yer arse over here and come and make a film with me. Then when people sit laughing at your words, your humour and your craft, we can sneak off to the cafe and eat carrot cake?

Jane mccormick

28 July 2015

Sorry to hear the course did not work out a good fit for you Dolly. I can see your dilemma about the stand up comedy regarding the matter of thinking the audience is laughing with you or at you but that could happen to any new comedian. You won't know until you try. Perhaps you could take a leaf out of Tourette's Hero Jessica Thom and flip the thing on its head so you are the boss of your performance regardless of what the audience think. Meantime I would love to see more from your menopause series....they certainly brighten my day......a book perhaps?

Colin Hambrook

28 July 2015

I can understand your dilemma Dolly. I love performing but equally find it tricky for my mental health. You do have a natural ability to make people laugh, though. Humour is a big part of your personality.