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Ladybird Book of the Menopause / 14 June 2015

Ladybird Book of the Menopause

Ladybird Book of the Menopause

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Being menopausal is not a disability, except for the person who crosses a menopausal woman. When I was told I was heading for it, it was a surprise as I thought I had balls, until someone pointed out it was my saggy boobies slapping my thighs.

Some women who reach this stage in their life take up yoga and do fluffy things. Not me - I have to make fun of it.

I have created almost 10 of these subverted ladybird book pages. Here are a couple of them. 


Jane mccormick

18 June 2015

Love this new work Dolly.....there is certainly nothing fluffy about a bad menopause especially with saggy boobies slapping on the thighs ..wil look forward to seeing the other 8 pages on DAO.