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Well, it is online now. Despite the fact I had a cold, that my shirt collar was upturned, and my hair kept getting into my eyes, I thought it was a good interview. (There is a point in the interview where Ruby brushes the hair out my eyes, which I thought was very sweet of her.)

We actually talked for about an hour and I liked the fact she asked about how humour has helped me. I keep getting told off for talking about humour and madness in the same breath, and I have even had people say to me, 'Do you think my pain is funny?' Of course I don't. My humourous take is on my madness, and the laughability of the mental health system and people's ignorance about madness. I think I should be the world's first schizophrenic stand-up, as Ruby suggested, and I will give her the 10% she asked for! Ruby and Dolly

To see the interview go to the BBC Ruby's Room website