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Apocalypse Loyalty Card / 6 August 2014

Apocalypse Loyalty Card

Apocalypse Loyalty Card by Dolly Sen

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Who wants an Apocalypse Loyalty Card?

I decided to create one as I have survived several apocalypses, according to several religious groups, and I have nothing to show for it. 

Survive five apocalypses, get the rapture free.

The terms and conditions are that Tory governments are not included. That is the dystopia loyalty card, where you get nothing for your loyalty. Or a fascist loyalty card that chops your fingers off for holding it. 


Rich Downes

13 August 2014

if I had a fascist loyalty card how could I give it to a fascist without getting my fingers chopped off. Perhaps you could design a pair of heavenly gloves that would protect me when trying to do the rightthing with the wrong tools