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Sanity Test Kit instructions / 22 July 2014

With the above instructions on paper in the background, there is in the foreground what looks like a pregnancy test, with the text: 'Sanity Testing Kit' at one end, and 'Instructions: piss on your dreams' on the other.

Sanity Testing Kit by Dolly Sen

Zoom in to this image and read text description

My artistic output at the moment is very driven. I guess you just need to put me in the sun to ripen. If my daily deluge is too much for you, do not worry: you will return to your usual programming soon, when I will switch from art to writing for the rest of the summer months.


Please read all instructions. They will tell you what to think, do and feel.

Failure to follow instructions may impair your ability to be part of the machinery.

How to use the test:

  • Remove the mainstream from the foiled mind.
  • Remove the cap.
  • Direct your urine mainstream on your dreams for at least ten years.
  • NOTE: Do not urinate on the Test and Control windows. They are meant to piss on you.
  • Wait at least five years for the red line to appear. If nothing has appeared, piss on your dreams for longer. 


Dolly Sen

23 July 2014

No, but the Karmacy has bought the first shipment!

Colin Hambrook

23 July 2014

That is priceless Dolly... do you think they'll catch on the pharmacy?