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Do Not Bend Mind / 17 July 2014

My madness is sometimes a beautiful thing. It occasionally shows the world through x-ray eyes where all you see is love. And sometimes you look through the world with x-rated eyes that terrorises you into silence. Art does the same. It is such the twin of madness, they are almost conjoined. I don't know if I can separate them without one of them dying. What if it is the art twin that dies, with madness alone and feeling it has lost something?

Today I have created two conceptual pieces looking at the pain of madness. I have said many times medication does not cure abuse, racism, homophobia, loneliness, poverty or the damage done by this current government.

Today my mind feels like it has been bent beyond its limits. I know this feeling will pass. Sometimes the origami of thought can produce interesting shapes. I know my mind can make connections that most 'normal' minds would struggle to create. Sporadically it aims to create free birds but ends up making cages. 

It makes a cage within a cage. The bigger cage is this fucking government's oppression of disabled people. The to-do list of an insidious genocide of disabled people through cuts, benefit changes, assisted dying, etc is already 2/3 done. Enough to make any nazi proud. The cage I have created is my fear and depression in response to all this, making me easier to bend and control.

With a smile, fuck you, and a heart stronger than ever, is the way to be. Bent but not broken. I am cellotaped with glitter and stars. If you touch me, you will just see how much I shine. 



Jane mccormick

19 July 2014

Love the image dolly. A sure case of a picture telling a thousand words.

Dave Lupton

18 July 2014

Very eloquent and thought provoking Dolly, as usual x