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POETRY / 1 May 2008

Pavement Poem

Do not step here
my dreams have fallen
out of my pocket, and
are hard to find again.
Don’t grind them into the ground
Otherwise I will have to wait
for the rain to run into the cracks
to the feed the daisies
to push them back up again

Sleep Walk
Did you sleep well?
No, I made a few mistakes.
The truth keeps interupting.
I don’t know how to end the dream.
I forget to dot the tease
And cross the eyes.
Poor Dali,
Making movies on how I see the world
With dyslexic dogs
Providing the subtitles and the subtleties.
Can’t read the small print.

The truth keeps interupting.
I don’t know how to end the dream.
I can read the film
Of existence
It is transparent
Dreams are commercial breaks
Selling my soul back to me
But I want more:
33% extra soul
buy one soul, get one free
I want new and improved soul
With a fresher fragrance

So it is hard to sleep well
I am sleep-walking on the hot coals
Of the stars,
One day I will get to the end

And not wake up.


Psychiartrist conference-
free pens!-
I took one-
before I went to talk to docs on-
what it is like to be mad-
The ink was temperamental-
wrote only half the words-
nobody knew what I wanted to say.
I scream in frustration – arrggghh-
but those are not my words-
just what you made me say-
Psychiatrist, read between the lines-
stop giving me things that do not work.

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