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Eyes - A poem by Dolly Sen / 24 May 2012

 The Eyes

The eyes, the eyes have it
That light,
That guiltless blaze
That melts the poles
And shames the sun 

The eyes
That give the biggest smiles
In the slums, in the institutions,
in broken homes, in every
flavour of hell 

I want to pinpoint
The moment
In the falling cards of unbroken age
And find that gaze, that photograph, that day
When the eyes stopped believing, stopped dreaming
And saw the world for what it really is 

The gallery of broken souls have no visitors…

Keywords: poetry


vince laws

31 May 2012

good work!

wing wide i soar, wider than your night is dark and darker than the secret in my heart - i am despair.

richard downes

24 May 2012

my brain recoils from strong imagery

my eyes deny the reality of the world

i am too often struck numb

unable to participate

unable to respond

but the glass stays at least half full

foolish i know

or optimistic