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Dolly Sen is a writer, director, artist, filmmaker, poet, performer, playwright, mental health consultant, music-maker and public speaker. She has 8 published books since 2002; has taken on performance roles at The Young Vic, the Royal Festival Hall, and around Europe; undertaken a poetry tour; won a poetry award from Poet Laureate Andrew Motion; directed two plays and several TV films; and performed spoken word at City Hall and Oxford University.

Are you mad yet?

16 March 2016


self as side effect

Are you mad enough to be yourself, even if the loneliest song? Are you mad enough to dream your dreams, say your words, and do your thing? Are you mad enough to love in a world that wants your hate? Are you mad enough to shout, ‘This isn’t right’ in a world that functions so well on being so wrong? Are you mad enough to a small brave light, when cowardice has the shiniest star? Are you mad enough to cut the puppet strings, even if the world tries to turn them into a harvest of...

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I did it my way, despite section, injection and rejection.

9 March 2016


I don't know what to do next artistically or with regards to mental health work, so I have been reflective. Whatever I have done with my life, it hasn't been mediocre. After a few drinks, I decided to sing about it. Poor you. Here are the lyrics, if you want to go all karaoke.  And now, my rear is here And so I face another injection My friend, I’ll say it clear I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain I’ve lived a life that’s full I didn’t...

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Sanity Product Recall

3 March 2016


Sanity Recall

I insist sanity be recalled, but I am not sure where it should be returned to.

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