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Crippen revisits his earlier postings regarding user-led involvement / 21 April 2010

Following the news relating to Local Authorities being advised by the Department of Health to give preference to tenders for services from User-Led Organisations (ULO's) it got me to thinking about the groups and organisations that have traditionally gone after this work.

These are, of course, the organisations 'for' disabled people, those charitable concerns that have been doing it to us crips for a very long time and who have established the status quo that effectively maintains our role as recipients of their charity.

I can't see them quietly standing to one side as organisations run and controlled by Deaf and Disabled people end the monopoly that they have enjoyed for the past 60-odd years.

Some of these organisations have already started an underhanded strategy by quoting the social model into their press handouts and publicity materials. Although this is as far as it goes, as their practices are still based solely upon the medical and charitable models of disability.

My mate Dawn runs the Mentally Wealthy blog and has some interesting postings around the subject of user involvement. Click here to visit her blog.



I'm currently doing some collaboration with Vicky Wright, disabled writer and actor (she recently played a lead role in the CH4 Cast Offs series) and you can see the result of our first piece together in her powerful open letter to the comedian Frankie Boyle. I'll keep you posted about any future work we do together ... Click here to visit Vicky's article.


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Bob Williams-Findlay

26 April 2010

I'm going to sleep a lot better now knowing that it won't be charities and non-disabled led organisations making cutbacks, reducing services and taking the blame on behalf of the local capitalist state.

Dreaming of a future where disabled groups outdo each other in order to agree service level agreements set by local authority and NHS managers... User control or beating yourself up?

Arty Farty

26 April 2010

The power of social networking sites eh?!


26 April 2010

Hmmm ... This was interesting. I didn't post a notice of this blog entry on FaceBook this time and as a result I've not had any comments! Let's see what happen's with the next entry when I resume FB alerts ...