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Crippen posts his favourite christmas card cartoon / 15 December 2009

This time of year I'm often asked to produce cartoons for christmas cards for the many groups and organisations of Disabled people throughout the UK.

This year however, there's been a noticeable reduction in these requests, mainly due, I'm told, to the fact that many of these organisations are just too strapped (lacking funds) to be able to afford to have cards printed and posted this year.

So, in the spirit of good will and co-operation that exists at this time of year I thought it would be a nice idea to post one of my favourite christmas cartoons and dedicate it to all of those organisations of Disabled people that are continuing to fight for their very existence.

And if you haven't received a card from your local Crip group this year, please accept this one on their behalf. And why not make it your New Year resolution to pop down there and see if there's anything you can do to help raise the funding needed to continue their vital work during 2010.

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Marisha Bonar

24 December 2009

And yet Another Great Cartoon, *Crippen Disabled Cartoonist*.....LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I'm so Happy as I now have a Christmas Card from my *local Crip group* this year, and I Happilly accept this Fantastic Card in behalf of BAC-Brent Advocacy Concerns-. BAC is an Organisation run by Disabled People for Disabled People. I have been a user of BAC for many years now, and have sadly seen many Advocates made redundant because of lacking of Funds. BAC means so so very much to me, as I have learned that I have Rights, as a Disabled Person myself-no idea of this before, genuinely- and Choices, and I’m starting to see the corner of Empowerement. BAC Advocates not only advocate in our behalf, but in the process, provide tools to learn how to Self –Advocate. I would personally be so lost without BAC, all the Individuals that are part of BAC and all those who were part of BAC, but sadly and with so much injustice were made redundant because of the lack of Fundings.

I’m personally helping to raise money through:

Thank you very much for the Fantastic Christmas Card and for the advise,

I Wish You and All the DAO’s Team a very Happy Winter Festival, and really hope that the New Year 2010, will bring you Individualy all those little things that make our Lives a Happier one,

All the very best ,


Arty Farty

18 December 2009

Have a good one Mr C and keep sticking it to them!

Brave New World

15 December 2009

And a Happy New Year to you Mr very generous Crippen with many more gloriously irreverant cartoons!


15 December 2009

Nice cartoon. Happy New Year (I only celebrate the various new years that I learn about:Jewish, Common Era (Christian), Chinese...if you know others, please let me know.


15 December 2009

merry xmas dave and thanks