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Trevor Phillips looks to Cast Offs as a possible solution for 'the disabled' / 7 December 2009

Crippen portrays Trevor Phillips' Cast Off solution for 'the disabled'

Crippen's cartoon about Trevor Phillip being inspired by the CH4 TV programme Cast Offs

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Not having had access to a UK television, I've not been able to see the new crip series Cast Offs on Channel Four. However, I have seen most of the reviews and other material that's been available on t'internet so I've had a pretty good idea of the story line, etc.

I'm also fortunate in knowing several of the disabled actors who are appearing in the series so, what with Facebook and our other networking resources, I'm slowly gathering enough material for a commemorative cartoon about this unique event. Unique in as much that this is the first time a mainstream television company has produced a programme about Disabled people, starring REAL Disabled actors, farts and all!

So, 'cause I'm not quite ready for the cartoon (phew, I hear Vicky and Mat say!) I got to wondering who else might be inspired by the programme ...



Keywords: channel four's cast offs,equality and human rights commission (ehrc)


Brave New World

15 December 2009

A commune! Very good idea but not Isle of Wight please! Too cold for Mat Fraser if you get my drift! Trev would probably put us on one of those disappearing due to climate change islands!

Arty Farty

13 December 2009

reckon he's responsible for a lot of what happens disability politics wise!!


11 December 2009

That Crippen is incorrigible - but I am sure he's been told that many times before. ;>


7 December 2009

Phew! Can't wait to see THE Cast Offs cartoon - but be gentle with us!