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Crippen has a few things to say about BBC's Children in Need / 25 November 2009

Crippen's cartoon about Children in Need

Crippen's Trojan Pudsey cartoon

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Unfortunately, due to problems with t'internet I'm a bit late with this cartoon which was intended to come out during the recent Children in Need event on BBC Radio and TV. Still, better late than never ... and the idea of a Trojan Pudsey rather tickled me!

Needless to say, us Crips are still campaigning against this charitable farce. Our message is loud and clear and asks why do Disabled children still have to rely on this type of humiliationathon AND have to appear sufficiently grateful in order to get what should be there's by right (and to make the likes of Terry Wogan feel good about themselves)?!

When we were young, most of us had to endure this form of gate keeping as pretty well everything we needed to live within a hostile and non-accessible environment came through the charitable concerns set up to represent our particular form of impairment. We were expected to play the game and allow so called celebrities like Jimmy Saville to pose with us as we gratefully received our wheelchair or mobility aid.

Enough already ... give today's Disabled youngsters EVERYTHING that they need in order to achieve a level playing field. This includes access to an inclusive education, a fully integrated and accessible transport system, respite care for parents and siblings, access to free mobility aids and adaptations, full grants to make their property accessible, etc ... and all without them having to jump through these out dated and humiliating hoops!

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27 November 2009

When I first saw this I thought Pudsey was a giant Trojan teddy by which Disabled activists were going to hijack CIN... still think this might be a good idea... we all pile in, obviously after an OT assessment and approval and financial assessment for people's 'aids and adaptions' to be accounted for, and, for those of us 'mad' folk, if we are to follow Mind's 'suck it and see' policy, regardless of DDA, no more than 50% of us can be 'recipients' of any benefits, as this would be 'a conflict of interest' - the other 50% can be anyone or his dog!

What would a truly united, Disabled people's evening on national telly, look like? And would we want it?


25 November 2009

Obvious AF (and welcome back by the way), there's a wheelchair hoist coming out of Pudsey's rear end (bum to you!).

Arty Farty

25 November 2009

OK Mr C. Explain how the wheelchair user got out of the giant Pudsey?