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Kick a Crip / 3 May 2009

So what shall we do today? I know, we’ll go and kick the shit out of some Disabled guy. These must have been the thoughts of four white thugs who laid into Martin Mann of Basildon last month when he was out walking his dog and minding his own business. Leaving him laying on the floor with a fractured eye socket and covered in blood, the thugs then ran away laughing.

Martin’s family and friends have posted on Facebook asking for people to come forward and help the police track down these … these … (you can tell I’m angry about this can’t you!) thugs! It happened on Sunday 12th April at approximately 1pm in Holy Cross Park. So if you were in the area or saw anything, please contact Basildon police.

A recent posting tells us that Martin’s bruises are starting to fade but that he’s changed from an outgoing, friendly young guy, to someone who is now literally jumping at his own shadow.

A family member tells us: “I have got to say that he was absolutely thrilled when I showed him your messages and also how many people who are supporting him, his face lit up!!!! Due to popular demand a fund has been set up to try to send Martin and his dad Paul on a little holiday. If anyone would like to donate even £1 they can either send a cheque payable to Martin Mann to c/o Wright Distribution, Exeter St, Norwich, NR2 4QB or via sent to All donations will be presented to Martin at an even being planned in the near future.

The response he’s had from Facebook members has been amazing and he’s had over 17,000 ‘friends’ contact him offering support and encouragement. Nice to think that there are some decent human beings out there, eh.