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Never give up?! / 9 January 2009

Someone sent me a video clip the other day of an Australian motivational speaker called Nick Vujicic. Born without any arms or legs Nick has made it his life’s ambition to tell people to ‘Never give up’. language cartoon

He’s pretty self assured and plays his audiences with a skill that borders on the manipulative. Close-ups of impressionable youngsters with tears running down their faces as he talks to them at their schools, and hardened business professionals giving their testimonials along the lines of ‘If a guy with no arms and no legs can do it, anybody can’ can be found on his web main site. All pretty powerful stuff, but as I say, just this hint of covert manipulation going on in the background along with the message that doesn’t really leave room in the world for those of us that don’t have the emotional or psychological well-being to just shrug everything off and get on with life. A ‘what’s your problem – if this guy without any arms and legs can do it, why can’t you?’ sort of thing.

When I looked on the web to try and find out a bit more about him I found another site that he runs. In this one he talks about God having put him on the earth to inspire people (as a guy with no arms and legs) and to spread the word of Jesus. I’ve got absolutely nothing against Jesus or his teachings. As far as I’m concerned he was one of the good guys in the past who tried to get us all to rub along a bit better than we do. I’m sure he’d be equally amazed and a little bit disturbed about what some people are now doing in his name, but still.

But perhaps that’s what I’m picking up when I watch Mr. Vujicic in action. Not just the ‘you don’t have any excuses if this guy with no arms and legs can do it’ angle but also the message that God put us crips on this earth purely as an example to others (hit’s all of the pity, brave, and super crip buttons doesn’t it?!). And did I mention he hasn’t got any arms or legs …?!

Have a look for yourself.Here is the link for the video clip I was sent. You can also Google his name and other stuff will appear about him. I’d be interested to hear what you think.

PS: I was going to run with the cartoon I did last year of the guy with only a head sitting in a wheelchair saying that he liked to think of himself as being differently abled! But then I thought of this one. Funny how the mind works isn’t it?!

Accessibility - For those of you using descriptive or transcribing software there’s a text version of the cartoon linked to it. You can also click anywhere on the cartoon to get an enlarged version of it along with the descriptive text.