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Bread line / 2 January 2009

OK. I know that my New Year resolution was to stop being a grumpy old man. But I did go down with a terrible case of man-flu on Boxing Day, which I’m only just recovering from - What, never heard of man-flu? Well it’s like what women get, but about a 100 times worse! (Oh oh, wait for the emails – Ed!) And then what happens? I brush the cobwebs off the computer, log onto my email account, and get another request to use my Darlek cartoon! Darlek cartoon

For those of you who’ve followed my ramblings through the years, you will know that I have to repeatedly inform people that I had nothing to do with the cartoon that shows a Darlek at the bottom of a flight of stairs saying something like ‘Well, there goes our dreams of world domination!’ A brilliant cartoon and great for Equality trainers to use as an example of barriers in a Social Model context; but not mine! (As I’ve said before, I think it was Steve Cribb’s). It’s out there somewhere on the World Wide Web if you hunt for it …

So what I’ve decided to do in future is to say: ‘Fine, no problem, I’ll email you my Darlek cartoon straight away’ and send them this cartoon that I created wearing my Sox cartoonist hat. I’m sure they’ll see the humour of it?!

Oh, Happy New Year by the way!

Free calendar - Incidentally, if you want me to send you a free copy of the 2009 Crippen calendar just drop me a line – – I’m afraid that I’ve not got the resources at the moment to produce an accessible version, but maybe next year - if the bloody 2012 Olympics leaves some funding for other people to apply for! (Oh no. Don’t get him going on that one! – Ed)

Celebration - Some of you may already have had an invite to the Life Celebration next week for Maureen Bruce, the gutsy young Disabled activist who died last year. I’ve created a cartoon for her which I’m hoping to put up on this blog later in the month. I’m sure you’ll all join me in sending our best wishes to Andrew, her family and all of her many friends who’ll be there. I understand that Monty Python is to feature strongly!

Accessibility - For those of you using descriptive or transcribing software there’s a text version of the cartoon linked to it. You can also click anywhere on the cartoon to get an enlarged version of it along with the descriptive text.