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Hide and seek / 5 December 2008

I often lay awake at night worrying about the fact that Joe and Jolene Public have a really difficult time relating to those of us who have long-term illnesses, those of us with psychological conditions, and not forgetting our brothers and sisters who are learning Disabled – in effect those of us who have hidden impairments. It must be so hard?! wheelchairs cartoon

And now, just to make it even more difficult for them the government are putting into place all of these new initiatives which are designed to get Disabled people into the workplace alongside of normal working people. Where will it all end?! (Don’t look at me, I didn’t vote for them!)

And surely it’s an exaggeration when they tell us that based on findings from the British Workplace Behaviour Survey (2008), the Equality and Human Rights Commission has discovered that those people with hidden impairments are much more likely to be bullied and harassed, and experience actual physical abuse in the workplace than non-disabled people. But what can you do?!

I’ve got it! If we give EVERY Disabled person a wheelchair Joe and Jolene Public won’t know which of us have the hidden impairments, so won’t have the problem of relating to us (and won’t have to go to the trouble of singling us out for bullying at work either!). And as an added bonus, there’ll be so many wheelchairs buzzing around the place that the government will have to make society more accessible otherwise most towns and cities will grind to a standstill and end up looking a bit like the M25!

OK hidden impairment people, who’s first for a free power chair?!

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