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Do I come here often?! / 1 December 2008

Do you ever get to where you were going and then forget completely why you were going there?! Or find someone coming towards you that you know, and for the life of you, can’t remember their name (I did this when approaching a mirror once … scary!). Memory cartoon

I suppose that it’s another aspect of getting older. The old short term memory just starts to fade away. I can remember what I had to eat for breakfast during an event some 23 years ago, but can I remember what I did yesterday … er, yes I can actually. OK, bad example, but you get my drift?! Fortunately, most of the stuff I learned about the Disabled People’s Movement, about access, the Social Model understanding of disability, etc., is all in my long term memory now. It’s all the new stuff that I’ve got to worry about!

But having said that, nothing much that’s disability related seems to have changed has it? Take last month’s blog entry about a young Disabled woman being stranded on a train. That was happening twenty odd years ago. No change there then. And what about charities still trying to undermine Disabled people by portraying them as helpless, needy individuals (in order to get more money from the general public)? That was happening twenty odd years ago as well. No change there either.

Phew, that’s a relief. I don’t really need the short term memory when it comes to thinking up ideas for cartoons and this blog. I just have to remember something from long ago, and be safe in the knowledge that nothing will have changed!

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