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Crossroads / 22 August 2008

I thought that I’d combine a couple of political issues that have been picked up by my radar this week. Our Bert Massie (Sherbert to you mate!) has expressed strong reservations about the way in which the government has gone about the setting up of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), upon which he sits as a member of the disability committee (oops!). cripclop cartoon

He thinks there should have been a review to determine the exact needs of Disabled people in relation to the broader equality agenda. That would then have informed the way all encompassing equality law was developed.

He said: ‘By setting up the EHRC first, [the Government] have put the cart before the horse. And now the cart and the horse are on totally separate roads.’

Great analogy, Bert, spot on. Now let’s look across at what’s been happening to Baroness Jane Campbell in the House of Ladies and her Portable Care Package amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill.

Oh, what a surprise! The government has failed to give a firm commitment to enabling disabled people to move their support packages more easily between local authorities. Instead they’ve said that its new social care green paper would include a number of options that address this very issue ... followed by a consultation on these options.


So, the fact that Jane and other Disabled campaigners have been raising this very issue during social care consultations for more than a decade doesn’t count then eh?!

The cartoon emerged from my mind filled with images of horses and carts, roads leading nowhere, more crap from the government, and our Bert, not quite sure what he's gone and got himself into!

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