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Perfect human / 15 August 2008

Human cloning in order to produce the perfect human being got me to thinking. We already have perfect humans - in the shape of the limitless variety of Disabled people that inhabit this earth, so what is it they are really looking for? Cripclone cartoon

Most of the warmest, kindest, creative, gutsy people I know are Disabled people. And just think what this world would have missed if it were only populated by so-called perfect, non-disabled human clones. We’d have had very little classical music (most of the old composers would be recognized today as Survivors), a greatly reduced range of art and sculpture (Dali, Picasso, Van Gough, Lautrec, etc., were all Disabled people), less ground breaking inventions and discoveries (Einstein, Hawkins, Bell, etc., all Disabled people) and so it goes on …

There’s a really readable article on the UKDPC web site which covers this subject. Here is the link for that.

I’m sure that my cartoon will shock many of those sensitive non-disabled souls out there who are even now reaching for their computer keyboards to tell me that I’ve wandered over the boundary of bad taste yet again! But surely the real issue of bad taste is when society feels that it can improve on its cultural integrity by ensuring that everyone looks the same?