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Foot and mouth / 28 October 2007

Overdue visit to a new local arts centre. I got the owner, a young English woman, talking about disability art.

Might have known it; her only experience with us artistic crips has been with the foot and mouth painting brigade (no offence intended - each to their own I say). The idea of us expressing our experiences through our art hadn’t occurred to her, even though this is what she does with her photography.

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Micky Ashton

8 November 2007

Oooh my baked potato is about to frazzle. Our disabled family would like a little feature = uniboob (me), rib-crackered-jellied arm-Al (and still riding towards Cuba for the Royal Marsden Campaign), sight and hearing impaired Schmutter, little missy three legs and of course cinder-potato. By the way we love your blog and it is winging its way round the Disability Officers in Further and Higher Education - huh, how many of them are disabled people we wonder? Jamboree contacts. By the other way, Amber Rose might not be who you think she is...... oh oh, a mystery threatens...


8 November 2007

Love the foot painter cartoon. it made me laugh out loud. I've just bought some mouth painter Christmas cards so I'll have to have a look to see if there are any impressions of lips and tounges on them.

Amber Rose

6 November 2007

Like the pictures.