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Jeni's birthday / 27 October 2007

Jeni’s birthday today. We’re having some of the Spanish neighbours in along with some English friends this evening (notice how I slipped in the reference to Spain? We’re currently down here in the warm Spanish autumn, looking after a friend’s Cortijo while they visit family in yUK. Thanks to the Internet I can still work though and do things like this). As I don’t drink, Jen’s put me in charge of the wine. Although, unlike the UK, drink is not a problem down here (at least not for the Spanish) as they’ve been introduced to it from early childhood. The English mob will probably end up under the tables again though!



9 November 2007

Hey! He can ramble on as well as draw, can't he? Crippen International now too, eh? There must be some funny stuff about disability (in)equality en Espana as well. I know your home turfs Inglaterra when alls said and done, but how about a quick glimpse of what we Crips here endure while you're temporarily among us?! Keep up the good work, hombre!

Mo Reece

8 November 2007

Good to see your work on line and to read your blog. About time your cartoons were easier to get too. Keep up the good work. Just don't mention the sun too much!!!!


29 October 2007

I thought the old bugger was dead. Hiding out in Spain eh?! Must be a tax issue! Can't wait for the reaction from the mouth and feet painting lot. He he