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Graeme Wall, Josephine Wilson, Tom Head, and centre front: Suzanne Bull.

Image: Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything aims to improve disabled people's access to live music by getting clubs, music venues and festivals to sign up to a Charter of Best Practice. Charter venues pledge to improve one aspect of access and improve staff attitude through Disability Equality Training. Disabled people act as mystery disabled shoppers, monitor the venues and provide feedback.

Attitude is Everything are looking for mystery shoppers who have something to say about their local music venues and clubs. As an incentive for feedback, they can offer travel and ticket expenses.

Club Attitude is the latest aspect of Attitude is Everything.

One of the purposes of Club Attitude is to programme great nights of cutting edge sounds focusing particularly on the innovative and alternative. Whilst it is important that we pro-actively book disabled artists and DJ's, it is equally important that we produce nights with genuine quality that will appeal to broad audiences.

We want each night to have a mutually conducive feel, matching disabled artists and DJ's with non disabled artists in new collaborations. For our opening night, we're going with an electro-trash buzz and all the artists are fusing sleazy beats with glamorous personas

  • Graeme Wall, Attitude's Promoter.

Attitude is Everything are very keen to hear from disabled artists and DJ's who want to perform at Club Attitude, especially those that they may be completely unaware of. They are not looking for covers, tributes or bands too overly-influenced by the commercial mainstream.

Demo CDs can be sent to: Grae J. Wall


PO Box 272

St. Albans AL1 5AU




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