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Ardent Hare logo

Formerly known as Dada-South, Ardent Hare was established with start-up funding from Arts Council England, in June 2003 by a group of ardent disabled and Deaf artists in the south of England. It aimed to develop Disability Arts practice in the South East. Since then, the organization has supported the career development of hundreds of disabled and Deaf creative people, and become a highly respected agent of creative and social change.

Stevie Rice, Director of Ardent Hare says:
“The launch of our new name and brand on 1st February 2012 will be the culmination of 18 months development work in repositioning and rebranding Dada-South to better reflect the artists with whom we work. We’ve chosen the word ‘ardent’ because it is hardwired to ideas of intensity, zealousness, fierceness and eagerness – all of which echo our passion for what we do. The hare is a symbol of renaissance, rebirth, regeneration, transformation, enlightenment and madness! The ancient Egyptian hieroglyph – a picture of a hare – means ‘to be’ and is associated with creation. Hare people are considered to be very artistic and we all know that hares are dynamic, quick movers.

In many mythic traditions, we discovered that hares are contradictory, paradoxical creatures. We felt this reflected our own interest in paradoxes – disability is important/disability is not important and the fact that disability means different things to different people.

We are very excited about taking the organization forward under this new name and we look forward to continuing the important work that we’ve undertaken with disabled and Deaf creative people to date.”

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