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Allan Sutherland’s blog charts the progress of working on his first collection of poetry, Leaning On A Lamppost. The collection will give an overview of his work, including 20 years of performance, his more recent pioneering work in transcription poetry, found poems and a set of new work responding to his mentoring by John O’Donoghue.

Hey-diddle-diddle, the nursery rhyme riddle

10 November 2014


One poem that John picked up on was the pastiche ‘Mary had a wheelchair’, a little poem about disability access: Mary had a wheelchair It rolled across the floor. And everywhere that Mary went She couldn’t get in the door. I may have underestimated this poem. In live performance I use it to follow ‘What happens to old epileptics?’.  Being the darkest poem I read live, all about drowning in the bath and the like, it tends to leave audiences a little...

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