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Back in Harness... / 1 April 2015

La Belle Dame Sans Merci is recovering rapidly.  She is currently being weaned off a tracheostomy, a process I shall probably not write poetry about just because it’s so difficult to find a rhyme.  (This is a problem I’ve encountered before in trying to write about disability issues. My series of short poems about charitable organisations for disabled people came to a halt over the impossibility of rhyming ‘Blind and Limbless Ex-Servicemen’s Association’ and the like.)

In a couple of weeks she’s going to have a PEG inserted, so that she can be stomach-fed. PEG is the sort of word that’s much more helpful to a poet, rhyming with things like ‘boiled egg’ and ‘wooden leg’.  I’m quite looking forward to writing that poem.

PEG stands for ‘percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy ‘. That’s not so easy to rhyme, though it does scan very nicely. My readers might be interested to know that, with a bit of practice, it’s possible to sing the words ‘percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy ‘ to the tune of the ‘Mexican Hat Dance’.  

I haven’t yet informed the consultants of this fact, but I shall.  I do think it’s valuable for the flow of information to go in two directions.

All that being so, I’m starting work with John again. I’ll keep you all informed how it goes.