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Wendy McGowan is currently doing a journalism course in Brighotn. Her blog reports on the Fabrica Photographice Biennale exhibition of vernacular photography by Martin Parr at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton.

Wendy McGowan-Griffin reviews Laboratory Life at Lighthouse, Brighton

6 March 2011


photo of three men in white lab coats standing near a table with computer screens and a large round sculptural object in a room lit with red light

“Laboratory life”, is a collaboration between artists and scientists, culminating in an exhibition, talks by lead artists and an open forum, all held at Lighthouse during Brighton Science Week. In the days leading up to the exhibition artists and scientists facilitated public workshops, allowing the public to explore some of the concepts and processes used, and help create some of the final works. The involvement of the public enhanced an intended amateurism, that incorporated both...

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Wendy McGowan goes to the preview of the 'House of Vernacular'

11 October 2010


photo of elderly couple kissing

As I arrive at Fabrica there is a real buzz of excitement, not the usual air of intellectual sobriety at many previews - a real feeling of intense curiosity and delight. At such events people usually stand around, near the artworks, looking coolly sufficient in their interest and I feel just nervous and awkward. As I travelled here I wondered how I would like the exhibition, once the walls had been erected and all of the corners sealed up.  I hoped that completion wouldn't close down the...

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Wendy McGowan visits the construction of the House of Vernacular at Fabrica, Brighton

2 October 2010


photo of two young boys from Martin Parr collection

It was exciting to have had the opportunity to take a glimpse during the installation process of the House of Vernacular at the Fabrica Gallery, Brighton. The exhibition consists of a series of amateur and commercial photographic images selected by artist Martin Parr, and is part of the Brighton Photo Biennial. As an artist who has utilised found objects and photographs in my own work, the process of constructing or choosing of an environment that re-articulates portentous objects has been...

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