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Wendy Young was blown away by Time Attendant and Sarah Angliss at the Horse Hospital on Friday... / 22 July 2013

Oh what a night Friday 20th July 2013!  I was blown away by Time Attendant who seems to have a link to my solar plexus...I bought his EP on the night and 2nd track 1st side (Wisteria Albion) made me cry, it's music to die to.  Sarah Angliss is a robotic and music electronica personifica!  In the cosy atmosphere of the Horse Hospital I felt at home watching her play a multitude of instruments (including a saw), operate robots and do a sweet version of Popcorn by Hot Butter through her Ealing Feeder. 

I did get worried I was OTT when I met both TA and SA  and ended, of course, finding a poem and putting 1+1 together as I sat in awe of these people. 

Shocks Away - the beginning of the breath that was lost

I get excited when I meet my heroes

It's like the man I called 'dad'

pierced my brain

when he had his way

blew my mind into space

and particles of me

my brain

my psyche

hover o'er black holes


(c) wendy young