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Wendy Young is proud of her mate Anita on Question Time and posts a poem called STARS! / 25 June 2013

My dear friend Anita (she of T'Anita in Perpetua/ar thar cummin art t'neet Anita? fame - a tribute from me to her stamina) would not be ignored when she was in the audience of Question Time 20/6/13 when she challenged Boris the Mare sorry Mayor re extortionate renting in London.  He bumbled, she rumbled , he crumbled, she humbled him and I was so proud, she was loud but how else can we be heard! 

STARS Of which we all are
S.T.A.R plural
I wink back
At the twinkling stars
Shining on me and
20,000 streets under a London sky
I’ll be nice to the stars
I may want to live there one day
‘cause I’ll never get a house in Brent!

There’s a brainstorm
A Star
In the 7th house
Say Hi to Jupiter and Mars
Mmm bars
Build lots
In the Cosmos del Stellar
It’s a huge Milky Way
Why not have a retreat between meal deals
Don’t daydream it
Just cream it
Don’t tell the Galaxy
How many squares we can build on
Hard to soft – perfect!
Begin the race
Zoom!  Humans in space!
House trekking across the Universe
But watch for the ‘spin’….