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Wendy Young on how she came to write poetry...or rather evolved to write poetry / 20 June 2013

I wrote 'Sea ‘scape Shuttle' whilst working in a Council office and there was such a lot of rattling and prattling going on from workers het up about meetings etc. that I covered my ears thinking what am I doing here (again) and these words just came into my head. Years after the event, I realise I have always tried to hide so that I don’t have to prove I am worth an existence.

Sea ‘scape Shuttle
I wish I’d been born at the bottom of the sea
Nobody there to bother me
The only rattling in my ears
Would be the conch and the cuttle’s encounter
What bliss to swim with angel fish
And kiss piranhas on a subliminal bite to ecstasy

Writing is a release and helps me to cope with stress and life. Even though I wrote the above poem in a work surrounding it is a constant battle for me to deal with real life and live in the real world. To escape into poetry is a way of dealing with it.

My tumultuous past won’t go away but I am actually able to write about engrained sad, bad, mad memories  that now seem like a gift after fighting for years to banish my mind of the past. I can’t change the past, but I can write about it and in some way find solace and maybe touch other people who are Survivors.